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Fishing plastic

An artistic action that involves presence of the artists and the relation with the public. A bunch of loonies with colorful loose attire and red noses- the clowns. Our aim is to stand up to plastic pollution with the support of improvisation and a sense of aesthetics. Strolling around a seasonal resort and collecting rubbish among tourists to generate a reaction is an objective of Ours. I am one of them here holding the fishing net.

Pollution of accumulating plastic and transforming into microplastic has become one of the most pressing environmental issues. Plastic is one of the most enduring materials created, it can take hundreds of years before it degrades. It has a deadly effect on life. What we can do as individuals and as part of our society to prevent plastic pollution?

According to a definition I should be an entertainer who wears funny clothes, has a painted face and makes people laugh by performing tricks and behaving in a silly way. A make-up distorts the face though a clown is still perceived as a human. Bizarre costume is showing off the peculiarity. Spectators are on edge, because clowns are highly unpredictable as well as mischievous. A clown can follow anyone: a kid, a pair of spouses, a dog. A clown can do anything, what a regular citizen would be ashamed for.

It requires courage to let yourself to be vulnerable to others, especially as a clown. Being exposed to a public is a common form of social anxiety and source of stress. We are all humans, so why is it so hard and stressful? Depending on one’s own perception and expectations, one can suffer with shaking hands and a quavering voice. Stress can range from slight nervousness to paralyzing fear. This is a peculiar experience of discovering your own emotions with regards to reaction of the public. The underlying reason for the anxiety is judgment and potential negative evaluation by others combined with self-consciousness in front of others.

Taking spectator point of view, what would I think? Would I care about me? What is this fear comparing to life endangering issue which plastic pollution is? This is a good exercise for observing and learning about oneself, including embracing and expressing emotions, allowing to be vulnerable as well as building relation within the group and maintaining connection with an audience.

#Erasmusplus #Erasmus #Clown #Pollution #Ecology

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